Cereal feeding
75 %
Minimum Percentage
First poultry
Label Rouge
Label Rouge
Poultry labeled
In 10 years
35 medals
CGA from Paris


The Challans poultry represent a know-how of passionate poulterers & benefit from an exceptional soil offered by the climate of the Vendée breton marsh. Challans is a land of tasty encounters. Land of contrasts and passions, this region is the meeting point of sky and earth, wind and sea. Taking advantage of a mild climate whatever the season, fresh sea air and local acidic soils on quality pastures, Challans is the paradise for full-sized poultry sector.

Blog of Poultry Challans
mercredi 07 septembre 2016
A HISTORIC BRAND, easily recognisable by its YELLOW RIBBON LOGO and defending the valuesof quality and tradition SINCE 1969. ABOUT 100 PIONEERING BREEDERS who, since 1969, have developed a wealth...
lundi 11 juillet 2016
The path of a Challans poultry in our farms Discover the typical day of a growing poultry in a Challans chicken farm. Unlimited access to water and cerealsEach poultry has unlimited access to water...
Map of Genuine Challans Poultry
Map of Genuine Challans Poultry